25 years is a long time for a skate contest to run. The Mystic Cup started life as an extension of the European professional contest circuit, which was the basis of many a 'Summer In Europe' issue of 411 Video Magazine and a vital part of that era's skate culture as a result. In 2019 it continues to be a fun contest full of heavy skating. Watch Lucy Adams catch up with the contest organizers on the history on Mystic Sk8 Cup and cover the 2019 Mens & Womens events.


Men's Street: 1. Angelo Caro (Peru) 2. Matias Dell Olio (Argentina) 3. Richard Tury (Slovakia)

Women's Street: 1. Ksenia Maricheva (Russia) 2. Jéromine Louvet (France) 3. Keet Oldenbeuving (Netherlands)

Bowl: 1. Dannie Carlsen (Denmark) 2. Vincent Matheron (France) 3. Derek Scott (USA)