Pushing Boarders

Talking. Skateboarding.

1st-3rd June | Free Entry | London


A unique line-up of pro-skaters, community groups, NGOs, policy-makers and academics present a series of talks and Q&As exploring the social impact of skateboarding worldwide.

PLUS: Photography exhibition, DJs, film screenings, skate schools, workshops and more...

Pushing Boarders is a three day event bringing together the least and most heard voices in our industry, to celebrate the social and cultural impacts of skateboarding around the world.

The event fosters skater-led and innovative research on skateboarding, encourages debate about lesser spoken topics and seeks to build a network for more skateboarders to be able to share, research and write about skateboarding in academia and skate media.

Pushing Boarders aims to create new and long lasting relationships between researchers, skate NGOs and the skate industry. To share experiences and knowledge to build on the amazing work already being done. Celebrating ten years of Skateistan, five years of SkatePal and one year of Free Movement Skateboarding -- who’s next?

The weekend features talks from Elissa Steamer, Karl Watson, Oliver Percovich, Ocean Howell, Kyle Beachy and Alexis Sablone and many more.

Topics include the experiences of race, gender, and sexuality in skateboarding, how we write about skateboarding, the rise of skate charities and how to build skate friendly cities like Malmo.

Tickets are free but places are limited.
Register now at pushingboarders and follow pushingboarders for updates.

Presented by: SkatePal, Long Live Southbank and Re-verb

Hosted at: House of Vans London and The Bartlett School of Architecture

Pushing Boarders Schedule

Fri 1st June: 18:00 - 00:00 | Launch Party | House of Vans

Sat 2nd June: 10:00 - 20:30 | Q&A discussions | The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Sun 3rd June: 12:00 - 20:00 | Q&A discussions | House of Vans