It's a particular type of architecture, that first in America, then all along Sicilian coasts, had an important development right after World War 2. We are talking about the raising of seaside resorts, "villages for the beaches", those places born to satisfy the desire of that middle class average human being to escape from the everyday boring jobs and life, to sprint themselves straight into this limbo of channelled fun. This new business got in the mind-set of lots of sicilian contractor's, and soon enough Sicily was full of these new type of villages.

Skating that place was both cool and a bit sad: first of all, it doesn't happen everyday to be able to find and skate something like that in Sicily, but at the same time it's sad to see a structure with that potential, culturally and architecturally, ended up like that. An eco of 90's piano-bar music goes around the air and send us straight to those days when people were still believing to have a different future than the one built on a sand castle. Jacopo Carozzi, Aref Koushesh and Martino Cattaneo ripping up the Grand Hotel Lido!