This slideshow was created by Fred Mortagne for the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown 2018 happening in Whistler, Canada, on April 12th, and presented to a crow of about 2000. So play the video with loud music for the full experience!

All 5 competing photographers (Chris Burkard, Ashley Barker, our photo collaborator Roberto Alegria, Grant Gunderson & French Fred) had to make a 8 to 9 minutes slideshow, celebrating their photography's body of work, with definite rules on how the images could be displayed, or not.

French Fred won the Grand Prize and Chris Burkard’s the people’s choice award.

“On top of being very honoured with this win, I am also very proud of the slideshow I put together. As both a photographer and a videographer, it was really fun for me to build up an audio-visual piece sublimating my photographic works. Yet it was really challenging to create something strong and enjoyable to watch that last nearly 10 minutes. Early tests were not so convincing, and finally, I decided to not worry so much about gathering potentially winning ingredients, but to create something I would just be happy about and proud of, attempting to bring something different, fresh and hopefully exciting. If it wasn’t for that competition, I would never have created this slideshow and I am now happy to share it with everyone” - Fred Mortagne