Lucas Beaufort, a 35 years old french artist obsessed with skateboarding. He has always been a huge fan of print magazines, collect every single piece since he was able to read. Since March 2016, he has travelled the globe across Europe, US, Japan and Australia to meet the most influential skateboard media to get their opinion about the future of print.

"DEVOTED" is a tribute to people who spent their life documenting skateboarding. 

Featuring : Giovanni Reda, Marc Johnson,Tony Vitello, Michael Burnett, Eric Swisher, Mark Whitley, Brad Staba, Guy Mariano, Mike Mo, Steve Berra, Trent Evans, Patrick O’Dell, Dave Swift, Jaime Owens, Skin Phillips, Kevin Marks, Dave Chami, Ando Caulfield, Ryan Clements, Josh Stewart, Masafumi Kajitani, Benjamin Deberdt, Templeton Elliott, Al Boglio, Peter Smolik, Paul Schmitt, Chad Muska, Dave Carnie, Josh Friedberg, Keith Hufnagel, Mackenzie Eisenhower, Mike Blabac, Lance Mountain, PJ Ladd, Remy Stratton, Mike Kershna, Alex Irvine, Mikko Kempis, Sami Valikangas, Trent Fahey, Roland Hoogwater, Oliver Percovich