The whole project started with the idea of a place, a building , a spot, anything that hasn´t been skated yet but at the same time a location that tells a story by it´s own. An old lost place which makes you excited like a little kid to go there, open rusty doors, discover rooms with their old inventory. Walking paths that haven´t seen any footsteps for a long time. All on your own risk.
That´s where they wanna go, do some DIY and make it skateable.

It took them quite a while to get the ball rolling but teaming up with Leica Camera, SOLO Skatemag and some friends who love skateboarding as much as they do there was no reason to row back.

With a few addresses on their list they set forth to find the right location for the project. 
Lucky them we made it first try. That´s their venue, without any doubt. This is it!
An old lost concrete factory and a lot of options to skate. They figured out a few spots to put some DIY work and fixed a date to bring the riders and staff. 
Riders: Chris Phanner, Daan Van Der Linden, Ben Raemers, Alain Goikoetxea, Eniz Fazliov, Alex Schultz, Tim Rebensdorf

Directed by Jens Hennefarth & Christian Vankelst

Produced by Philipp Reinhard

Photography by Jelle Keppens , Philipp Reinhard