Searching & finding different & new terrain, some pour some great. Figuring out the walls & lines all in something that was not made to skateboard in but the ultimate rush is pool skating. Bringing together Brad Bowman, Doug "Pineapple" Saladino, Tom "Wally" Inouye, Chris Strople pioneers of skateboarding style, maneuvers & pool riding, (who all graced the covers & pages of the first skateboard magazines) with friends along with Guy Mariano & Donovon Piscopo is the destination. These times are the reason Lance Mountain started skateboarding & fells in Love with it. The spirt of 78/17.

In honor of the legendary skater’s affinity for pool skating, as well as his appreciation for the Blazer since the 70’s, both silhouettes catch the spirit of 78/17 and are synonymous with Lance’s legacy in skateboarding. 

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The Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Lance Mountain

The color scheme reflects the 70’s-era prism-fades on concert posters, the tiles from Lance’s favored pools and his own skate graphics.

The heel has a tile treatment and features a tile-like debossing, with “78” referencing the year Mountain first remembers seeing the Blazer regularly in skate mags. The right shoe reads "17" to represent both the present day and a nod to the future. 

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Lance Mountain "Friends & Family"

Featuring a distinctive upper inspired by 70’s-era prism-fade concert posters. “The colorway — the rock poster fade — is connected to a look that has been tied to me for some time,” explains Lance. “I have used it on my board graphics, throughout my career.”

In addition to the upper’s colour scheme, this too features the tile-like debossing on the heel and nods to Mountain’s history, with both pool skating and the Blazer silhouette.