CPH Open 2017

19- 23rd JULY


The CPH Open finals was a day that will go down in the history books as one of the most packed Copenhagen skateboarding has ever seen. With a big crowd comes a great atmosphere and with the sun out and the party in full Saturday mode, everyone headed to the first stop of the day by the Planetariet where a flat bar and picnic bench got laid out in a line to find the last skaters who would make it into the finals.

Louie Lopez, Matt Berger and Felipe Gustavo all made the grade while others took the opportunity to find the best vantage point by hiring inflatables and watching from the lake.

Ishod Wair → CPH Open 2017 Champ!

Photo by Maksim Kalanep

Moving on just a few meters was a straight up 10 step cash for tricks assault through a sea of people standing and hanging on to whatever they could find. Bangers came in the shape of Aurelien’s Hard Flip, Midler’s front 3 and Jamie Foy’s BS flip.

From the steps the race was on for everyone to get to the finals at the Copenhagen skatepark with entry queues destined to snake right up the road.
‘Side mission on the way’ goes to Jamie Foy, Zion, Paul Hart and Alex Midler on a shocker of a bridge rail – check @copenhagenopen to be impressed.

The newly refurbished park complete with obligatory heart sunglasses was feeling the heat from the off, an incredible line up of skaters that was a treat to watch both live online and in the park.
With such an impressive start list it was always going to be a hard call but the day, if not the week, belonged to Ishod Wair showing why he’s a SOTY by cruising with absolute effortless board control on every surface he touched in Copenhagen. Luan Oliveira and Vincent Milou took the next two spots but the party was fully in Ishod’s honour.

Barrel jump up next and rumours that it’s being considered as an additional Olympic discipline are unfounded, if it was, Blake Johnson would be in with a shout. The Death Race is also not on the cards but it would be a sure fire ratings winner. Top speeds of 29mph and glory for days to anyone with super push and a good barge, Mason Silva had the elbows to take the win

The comp was closed down with the best trick, this year a bump to bar over a smoking mystery pit made even better/challenging by the sheer amount of gold confetti cannons being let off. With crowds that made even going to the bar a challenge, major props to those that skated and especially Jaakko Ojanen who secured top honours.

Anyone still in town should make it down to La Banchina - Refshalevej 14 to chill, swim and finish the rest of the party.

Full list of results here →

Enjoy below an awesome photo Gallery by Maksim Kalanep. Also check Day 1-2 & 3

Photography by Maksim Kalanep