The last Wednesday 21st of June Be Skateboarding Mag supported by Nike SB held an event in Macba and Parallel to celebrate the ´Go Skateboarding Day´. It took place a Best Trick contest up to 350€ prize money each at Macba big 3, Parallel Manual Pads and Longest Ollie to end up with energy, fun and a slice of pizza. Many skaters from different nationalities gathered together to destroy every spot, amazing skating and sick tricks all over the place. Take a look to the awesome video recap to check what went down and enjoy below a cool photo gallery by Roger Ferrero

Many thanks to everyone who came to join us to celebrate the Go Skateboarding Day, you´re all winners!

Macba Big 3 → Nollie Double Flip & SW Double Flip → Lennon Frassetti

Parallel Manual Pad → 360 Flip Nose Manual Nollie Inward Heelflip → Jorge Simoes

Longest OllieJorge Calderón, Bruno Silva, Pol Catena, Shaun Hover


Filmed by Enrique Mayor & Nico Cook

Edited by Enrique Mayor

Supported by Nike SB

Photography by Roger Ferrero