Get Used To It is a story about women’s empowerment and skateboarding in South Africa.
Travel with us to the opening of a “Skate School” in Johannesburg. Run by Skateistan, an NGO that empowers children through education and skateboarding, the site provides a safe space to learn, grow and land tricks.

Gender inequality is a huge problem in South Africa. The streets of Jo’burg are dangerous, particularly for girls. They face discrimination and the threat of violence on a daily basis. Through skateboarding, Skateistan offers a route to independence, self-discovery and education for all.

Skateistan is supported by superstars of the art and skateboarding worlds, such as Paul McCarthy and Tony Hawk, who ew over especially for the opening. That day, the kids felt their full potential and they are reminded of it every time they come to school.

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Photography by Louisa Menke