RVCA presented its European ANP show, ADVANCE, on September 7, 2016, at Darwin - Bordeaux, featuring the works of Ed Templeton, Andrea Do Souto, Ben Horton, Benjamin Jeanjean, Jerome Romain and Kevin Long.
In the presence of all artists except Long, over 350 people attended the launch event and they are already very honored to count thousands of visitors since the kick-off, thanks to the Ocean Climax festival that brought over 25000 visitors to the Darwin location between Sep. 8 and 11.
With a mix of photography, paintings and illustrations from the ANP Collective, this first edition of what is already planned to become an annual Art show, enabled artists and amateurs to come together at one of France’s most fashionable locations and enjoy an authentic gathering of the community. The show runs till Sep. 28, 2016.