The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is a Non-Governmental Development Organization. Since 1969 it has been committed to the process of transformation of one of the most impoverished areas of Andhra Pradesh (South-east India), with groups at risk of social exclusion. Today, VFF works in 3.268 villages benefiting more than 3 million people.
Thanks to the Sport Mundi Foundation’s initiative, with the purchase of one of these 100 exclusive boards produced by Jart Skateboards Company and with a design by Eduardo Chillida, a 100% of your contribution will be used for the building of a 15 housing colony for people living below the extreme poverty threshold. These families are forced to live in clay huts lacking basic hygiene and safety conditions. These do not endure the area’s high temperatures and flood during monsoon. To these fami- lies, the access to solid housing is, above all, a necessary requirement to achieve social integration and dignity.
The constructed colonies are provided with the minimal health, hygiene and security standards. These are efficient shelters against heavy rains, dangerous wildlife and intense heat. For adolescent girls and women in particular, access to bathroom fa- cilities has a highly positive effect on their safety, not needing to walk away from the colony in order to relieve themselves in unsafe areas where they become exposed to danger. In line with the defence of women’s rights, the houses will be registered in their names, so as to empower them and make them more respected in their com- munities, within a country where they are subject to strong discrimination.
What is of utmost importance, is that these houses will provide dignity and improve their self-esteem and their sense of belonging to a community.
We thank you kindly for your collaborative effort to transform society into humanity.

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Edit by Pablo Ribera
Film by Joan Mariano, Pablo Ribera, Alex Braza