Diamond Supply Co. Presents The Cash Collection

A Limited-Edition Collaboration With The Incomparable Johnny Cash 


The weight of the legacy that Johnny Cash left behind when he passed away in 2003 continues to echo across all corners of the world. This year marks the 50th anniversary since Johnny Cash’s unparalleled album, at Folsom Prison wich the musician recorded in front of a live audience of prisoners in the Californian penitentiary. Ever enigmatic with Cash’s last known recordings made less than a month prior to his death, it’s unsurprising that his spirit is energising a new generation of creatives.

Diamond Supply Co. will pay homage to the Man in Black by collaborating on a capsule collection. It will consist of five short sleeve tees and three long sleeved tees, as well as three hats, two hoodies, two enamel pins, stickers and a deck, and seamlessly marry Diamond Supply Co. and Johnny Cash’s signature, and much sought after, styles. 

Skateboarder and Diamond Supply Co. brand ambassador, Eli Reed, art directs and stars in the collection’s look book. Played out across an intoxicating narrative of a couple on the open road, Reed leads us to Casitas Springs, California, where Cash lived out one of the most nefarious and notorious periods of his life. With motel rooms and the American landscape as its backdrop, he captures the “helpless romantic” that he believes Cash was. Reed says, “Anybody can get something from Johnny Cash’s music; he is so influential. You can listen to him anywhere because he’s timeless. I wanted to capture his helpless romantic spirit.

Nick ‘Diamond’ Tershay, founder and owner of Diamond Supply Co. is honoured to add Cash to the brand’s impressive list of collaborations. He notes that Cash is one of his favourite artists, not just because of his music but also owing to his “raw street persona” – a quality he admires within his own brand. “Diamond is a skateboarding company and it started rebellious like ‘we don’t give a fuck about anything and all we want to do is make product we want to make. And I feel like Johnny Cash just made music that he wanted to make. It wasn’t like anybody else’s. He has his own style just like Diamond has its own style. That’s the way he liked it and so do we.” He adds that Reed was the ideal person to lead the visual campaign. Complementing the skateboarder’s style both on and off the board, Diamond says, “Eli Reed fits the Johnny Cash lifestyle to a T of a modern-day renaissance man.” 


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Eli Reed Cash Rules

Tee-Diamonds in the sky

Eli Reed

Eli Reed and his Girldfriend

Fleece-Cash Rules

Tee-Tennessee three