After the loss of their iconic indoor Skatepark 4 years ago, Amsterdam had cause for great celebration this past Supermaandag.
On 24th July, 2017 NOORD.AMS opened its doors to the public and welcomed the extended Nike SB global family to christen the park in style with a demo of nostalgic proportions. With over 700 spectators and a cast of 14 to entertain including Luan Oliveira, Ishod Wair, Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, Alex Olson, Donovon Piscopo, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Karsten Kleppan, Oskar Rozenberg, Youness Amrani, Brad Staba, Fernando Bramsmark, Wieger, Shajen Willems, Carlos Ribeiro it was the heralding of a new era for the Amsterdam skateboarding community.
NOORD is a skater owned skatepark

Filmed & Edited by Enrique Mayor

Enjoy below an awesome photo gallery by Marcel Veldman & Maksim Kalanep