CPH Open 2017

19- 23rd JULY


Copenhagen demonstrated in no uncertain terms that a little rain couldn’t dampen the festivities yesterday, as the CPH Open went full steam ahead despite the rain that threw down for most of the day. The washed out scheduled lunchtime ledge action quickly turned into rammed session at the Wonderland bowl in Christiania. Tough to get in proved even harder to get out, as the crowds surged to witness the transition madness of the impromptu sweatbox.

TJ Rogers → Nollie Heelflip FS Noseslide

Photo by Maksim Kalanep

Breakout missions were taking place in other parts of town as the city showed why it’s one of the best places to skate regardless of weather. Secret spots and well known parks such as the X-Hall bowl were getting decent workouts and being destroyed by GT and crew amongst others.

For those looking to use the break in the comp to loosen up a bit the Champagne River Cruise and Party Bus transported skaters and crew under canopy fuelled by seemingly inexhaustible cases off special reserve.

With the rain retreating late afternoon, the Triangle DIY spot looked like a goer and against all odds dried up just in time for a comp, though not before it was turned upside down by Sebo Walker and TJ Rogers who skated it better in the wet than most mortals can do in the dry. For anyone who’s not seen it, the Triangle takes it’s name from it’s shape and has a bunch of curbs, ledges, hips and bumps that can be skated all the way round. Qualified skaters were given 3 x 2 laps to put lines together with top winners making the cut for Saturday finals. Franky Villani go the crowed fired up with smiles and a diverse bag of silky oddness, Vincent Milou was on fire but Luan made the whole thing look like his local spot with a consistency that’s beyond comprehension.

Saturday schedule takes place by the lakes at Planetariet with a picnic table and flat bar set up followed by 10 stair Cash for Tricks 13.00 – 16.00 Top 3 get qualified into the CPH OPEN finals at Copenhagen Skatepark from 17.00

Expect to see the modern day equivalent of gladiators in the Death Race from 8pm followed by Barrel jumps, best trick and even more partying.

Full line up and directions here → 

Enjoy below a cool photo gallery about CPH Open Day 3 by Maksim Kalanep. Also enjoy Day 1 & 2 

Photography by Maksim Kalanep